Roman Holiday: In review

Kristin in Rome

Just split Rome and headed north to visit famiglia near Lugano, Switzerland so time for the requisite highlight reel of my three days in the Eternal City!

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Italy’s Best Dance Crew


I always get sheepish about going to a tourist area while traveling, as if there’s some shame in hanging out with hordes of people in Tevas, cargo shorts and open maps. So it was my horror to asked to be dropped at Piazza Navona, scene of thousands above mentioned crimes daily but hell, it was the closest landmark I could pronounce that would get me to my dinner reservation.

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No Popes rolled over in their graves in the creation of this post


When in Rome, you best get your churchin’ “straight from the tap” (Jeff Mirek c. 2011), so since my visit covered a Sunday, off to Mass I went.

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StreetMeat: Rome Edition


The first few posts are ready over at StreetMeat. Get the latest in Roman portable food technology!



By dinner time I was so delirious from jet lag that I felt the zombie apocalypse had hit and I was its first victim. I hopped over to the San Lorenzo district to try Pastificio San Lorenzo, a swinging trattoria that reminded me a lot of the nouvelle bistros that are currently all the rage in Paris. Think simple classics with a fresh, modern twist in a highly functional but stylish setting.


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Are you not entertained?


That line from “Gladiator” never gets old and I swear I think I heard Russell Crowe echoing in my ear as I entered the city and was wowed by this sight. Such ancient beauty juxtaposed against the mundane, in this case a routine airport pick-up. And that is the essence of Rome, the sublime meets everyday modern life.

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Freaking out like Nicolas Cage!

It’s my last day on American soil for a while and I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s producing a bit of anxiety, not unlike sweaty Nic in this pic! It’s just a long time to be away and a lot to pack for weather that’s going to veer from the 80s to the 50s in a matter of a few weeks. Do I pack light or do I bring creature comforts? And then there’s that part about the language(s) I don’t speak. 30+ days in lands where I won’t be able to communicate! Someone asked me if I was going to find myself and I replied, “Actually, I think I’m gonna get a little lost!”

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