Hot sauce and robot fights

In France you get a little caught up in doing all things French, such as “tonight let’s go eat foie gras” or “France is in the Rugby World Cup finals – par-tay!”, but sometimes you’re in the mood for something not so native, or maybe even your own country’s creature comforts.

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This is the end…

I’ve always thought it would be a perfectly Rude American activity to visit Jim Morrison’s final resting place at Cemeterie Pere Lachaise, but I could never find the appropriate partner in crime to join in the fun.  That is until Jeff Mirek came for a visit! Continue reading

Rain rain, go away

Better go play in the kitchen today!  I was supposed to have a very busy day, running errands, heading down to the Foundation Cartier to see David Lynch’s drawings, you know, just another Tuesday in Paris.  Given that none of these tasks were essential, I decided to sit out the clouds and be creative indoors.

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The making of Ratatouille

No, this isn’t a behind the scenes account of the beloved Pixar flick (my favorite of the lot really) but a step by step guide to making the Provençal favorite from the goodies I purchased at the Marché Raspail.

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Oysters and ‘The Artist’ save the day

After yesterday’s debacle, I had to make the most of my return to Paris.  My intention was still to go to Brussels, as it is only an hour and twenty minute train ride direct to the city center.  However, the seven hour journey back from Berlin rendered me non-functional for the first half of the day, making it virtually impossible to catch an 11:25 train from Gare du Nord.  On to plan b…

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Acting local

For today’s project I vowed to pursue neither fashion nor food.  Today would be about…architecture!  And to explore another as yet visited arrondissement, and to get a little exercise…in other words, killing three birds with one (blog post) stone. Continue reading

Get lost!

Inspired by Matt Gross’ amazing article ‘Lost in Paris’ from Saturday’s New York Times (thank you BOTH Lisa Namerow and Jeff Mirek for sending!) I decided to hit the bricks and venture into uncharted territory.  Though not documented in the story, I’ve always wanted to explore Canal Saint-Martin, deep in the 10th arrondissement, and fortified with 7 plus hours of sleep (finally!), off I went.  But first…lunch!

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Le Dauphin

These may look like your standard plates of jambon and fromage found at every corner bistrot in the city, but these were far from ordinary.  For Jeannie’s last night in Paris, and an appropriate conclusion to my Fashion Week internship, we ventured up to the border of the 10th and 11th arrondissements, the Parisian equivalents of Brooklyn or Silver Lake, where the streets may still be a little shady, but the storefronts and restaurants are brimming with brilliant new ideas.

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Can you walk in these?

Neither can I…but don’t think I didn’t try!  In more fashion week adventures, I was fortunate enough to go to Lanvin, maker of the best damn ballet slipper in the world, and apparently heels like this that make walking on stilts on ice look easy.

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A view from the top


They don’t call it the City of Light for nothing!

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