London art gorge

When in doubt, go to a museum – that’s a mantra that has always served me well when visiting a big city, and especially well on this trip.  I had about a day and a half in London on the tail end of my expedition, and the city’s museums were brimming with blockbuster exhibitions.  It was time…for an art gorge! Continue reading

Musée d’Orsay returns – finally!

Two years in the making, plus one week in the waiting, Musée d’Orsay reopened late this week and I was finally able to see what the hype was all about.  No more daily walks only to be met with a “fermé pour cause de grève” (“closed due to strike”) sign. Continue reading

Of statues in the 7th – bronze, marble and fur

The absolute best museum in Paris is also it’s best bargain – the Musée Rodin and sculpture garden.  There is a formal indoor museum, but since Auguste Rodin is most famous for his beautiful, imposing bronze sculptures (most famously for ‘The Thinker’, above) there is no point to staying indoors when the best stuff is outside, where the artist intended!

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L’arte della Venezia


Yesterday we made the game day decision to hop in the car and head east to Venice, only a 3 hour drive (another great aspect of northern Italy/southern Switzerland – proximity!). The purpose of our last minute excursion was to survey the current Biennale and the periphery exhibitions, such as the Prada Collection. The Prada family has been collecting contemporary art since the ’60s (best exemplified by the above early Donald Judd Conceptual masterpiece) and they’ve installed this temporary show in a magnificent palazzo while they finalize plans for a permanent home in Milan, as designed by Miuccia Prada”s little buddy Rem Koolhaus.

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