This is the end…

I’ve always thought it would be a perfectly Rude American activity to visit Jim Morrison’s final resting place at Cemeterie Pere Lachaise, but I could never find the appropriate partner in crime to join in the fun.  That is until Jeff Mirek came for a visit! Continue reading

The making of Ratatouille

No, this isn’t a behind the scenes account of the beloved Pixar flick (my favorite of the lot really) but a step by step guide to making the Provençal favorite from the goodies I purchased at the Marché Raspail.

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Get lost!

Inspired by Matt Gross’ amazing article ‘Lost in Paris’ from Saturday’s New York Times (thank you BOTH Lisa Namerow and Jeff Mirek for sending!) I decided to hit the bricks and venture into uncharted territory.  Though not documented in the story, I’ve always wanted to explore Canal Saint-Martin, deep in the 10th arrondissement, and fortified with 7 plus hours of sleep (finally!), off I went.  But first…lunch!

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Freaking out like Nicolas Cage!

It’s my last day on American soil for a while and I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s producing a bit of anxiety, not unlike sweaty Nic in this pic! It’s just a long time to be away and a lot to pack for weather that’s going to veer from the 80s to the 50s in a matter of a few weeks. Do I pack light or do I bring creature comforts? And then there’s that part about the language(s) I don’t speak. 30+ days in lands where I won’t be able to communicate! Someone asked me if I was going to find myself and I replied, “Actually, I think I’m gonna get a little lost!”

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Your daily baguette

Pompidou Centre
The noble Parisian experiment is nearing commencement…but what is that experiment, praytell? I’m moving to Paris for the month of October…yes, the one who doesn’t speak French and is proud to flaunt that in the face of Parisians every where. I hope to document highlights – delightful flea market finds, beautiful interiors, delicious restaurants, and even new installments over at StreetMeat – along with the lows, which will include, of course, some “Curb”-style nonsensical arguing with  Frenchmen/women. If you’ve ever been denied service, or a nice table, or told your too fat for the clothes (yes, true story) then this blog is for you (and equally applicable if you appreciate fine food, art, architecture and blue skies, all in abundance in Paris.)

Be sure to check back daily – yes, there will be daily updates. Also check in on, where i will document a falafel/baguette/crepe per day if I can!  With that, I bid you all ‘adieu’ until I leave a month from now!

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