This Just In: Le Fooding avec Krissy is updated!

I had one last good meal here in Paris…read about it here!

Le Fooding avec Krissy

Paris has become the premiere mecca for foodies over the past several years, and rightly so.  Their long storied traditions have been radically updated by the likes of Yves Camdeborde, Inaki Aizpitarte, Daniel Rose and Gregory Marchand and the food press, intrepid travelers, and adoring locals weened on inate delicacies are lining up for a bite.

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Happy accidents

For my last week in Paris I’ve compiled an extensive list of all the things I need to do, including places I need to eat at, and little by little I’ve been ticking them off.  Except for today – I ripped an entire page out of the “To Do” notebook and Got. It. Done.

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Le Dauphin

These may look like your standard plates of jambon and fromage found at every corner bistrot in the city, but these were far from ordinary.  For Jeannie’s last night in Paris, and an appropriate conclusion to my Fashion Week internship, we ventured up to the border of the 10th and 11th arrondissements, the Parisian equivalents of Brooklyn or Silver Lake, where the streets may still be a little shady, but the storefronts and restaurants are brimming with brilliant new ideas.

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