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Having a little trouble with the interweb here in London. I’ll be back in a jiff! In the meantime the above photo pretty much sums it up!


Without Mr. Jobs’s innovations and Apple’s super rad products, this blog would not be possible.  He will be missed, but his visionary spirit will live on.

Diner dilemma – where would eat?

You find some interestingly named dining establishments just wandering the streets of Paris.  Take the following joint, for example; I’ve been passing it by for years and I never fail to snicker like Beavis and Butthead.

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This ‘n that

In my Biennale post, I completely forgot to mention my favorite piece of all, Christian Marclay’s The Clock, because, quite frankly, it’s impossible to describe.

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Former Super Bowl champs – just like us!

It wasn’t my intention to post so soon, but imagine my bleary eyes when I saw ex-49er great Ronnie “cut off my pinky” Lott in airport security at 4:15am and managed to stalk him all the way to Starbucks (venti coffee, btw). All his toiletries in a one quart bag – just like us! Taking his shoes up the escalator to put on away from the fray – just like us! Having attended the ’84 Super Bowl I just had to shake his digit-less hand! I can almost forgive him for going to USC!

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Freaking out like Nicolas Cage!

It’s my last day on American soil for a while and I would be lying if I didn’t say it’s producing a bit of anxiety, not unlike sweaty Nic in this pic! It’s just a long time to be away and a lot to pack for weather that’s going to veer from the 80s to the 50s in a matter of a few weeks. Do I pack light or do I bring creature comforts? And then there’s that part about the language(s) I don’t speak. 30+ days in lands where I won’t be able to communicate! Someone asked me if I was going to find myself and I replied, “Actually, I think I’m gonna get a little lost!”

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