This is the end…

I’ve always thought it would be a perfectly Rude American activity to visit Jim Morrison’s final resting place at Cemeterie Pere Lachaise, but I could never find the appropriate partner in crime to join in the fun.  That is until Jeff Mirek came for a visit!

With a bottle of champagne, a few hours of wandering, several other American tourists to avoid and exactly one barrier to jump, we were able to declare mission accomplished!  The grave site itself was a bit underwhelming and given it’s difficult-to-find location you realize just how sad and lonely Jim’s final days and ultimate demise in Paris might have actually been.  Thank god a strategically placed oak tree is nearby to lend an appropriately rock n’ roll air.

There’s also a lamp post that serves as a perfect “guest book” for visitors.

Pere Lachaise is also home to numerous other luminaries, including Oscar Wilde, Frederic Chopin, and Jacques-Louis David, but befitting a very old cemetary, it is also one of the most peaceful areas in all of Paris.  Jim’s grave site was rather congested by the time we found it, so we took our champagne and poured some sips to the famous, the friends and the family that have passed before us in a quiet little corner among some ancient moss-covered crypts and holly groves.

After our moment of reflection, Jeff and I returned to Jim’s grave, noticed the coast was clear, and left an “offering” to the gods (or the Lizard King in this case) of our champagne cork.  Jim would have wanted it that way.

3 thoughts on “This is the end…

  1. We’ve done the same thing, going to Père Lachaise, searching for his grave. And eventually found it too! It is indeed quite peaceful, you’d expect that it’s as busy as in the rest of Paris, but this is the perfect escape.

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