Rain rain, go away

Better go play in the kitchen today!  I was supposed to have a very busy day, running errands, heading down to the Foundation Cartier to see David Lynch’s drawings, you know, just another Tuesday in Paris.  Given that none of these tasks were essential, I decided to sit out the clouds and be creative indoors.

I guess I was hungry for lunch and I still had some goodies from the Raspail green market yet to be exploited, so time for some kitchen MacGyver.  Since this is the season for bitter greens, I made a salad of radicchio, endive and slivered fennel, drizzling with a little red wine and mustard vinaigrette I whipped up.  I also wanted to use up this wonderful pain au complet before it went stale, so I tossed some canned tuna, capers, chopped fennel and a little bit of the of the vinaigrette for the best dang tuna salad sandwich EVER!  Tell me you don’t want a little somethin’ somethin’ of this…

The rain eventually let up and I was able to proceed with the errands, which included another visit to the flower mart on Rue de Buci.  I’ve been obsessing on these purple-green choux, or cabbage flowers, and have been waiting for the perfect floral pairing.  Today they had some lovely, delicate white dahlias with a hint of lilac, thus completing today’s bouquet.

As soon as I got home and made the arrangement, the rain started up again.  How’s that for timing?

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