Can you walk in these?

Neither can I…but don’t think I didn’t try!  In more fashion week adventures, I was fortunate enough to go to Lanvin, maker of the best damn ballet slipper in the world, and apparently heels like this that make walking on stilts on ice look easy.

At Lanvin the trend for skyscraper stilettos was well represented but there were a few wearable styles that make me yearn for the days of a regular paycheck.  One of each please!

Oh, and throw in a few of these while you’re at it!

I was also treated to a visit to cult line Isabel Marant, the embodiment of slouchy, sexy, effortless French style, and whose collection is in such demand that it must be shrouded in secrecy, but all I got was this lousy button:

Trust me, I’ll take it!  I really love her stuff, and this collection was no exception, but if I tell you more, I’ll have to kill you.

Thanks to Jeannie from Satine for this week’s internship!  I learned a ton, and loved the peek behind the curtain to better understand what truly fuels our insatiable (well mine, at least) hunger for fashion.  I hope I still get college credit.

P.S. If you like anything you’ve seen here, you may be able to get it from Satine, in stores and online starting January.  Tell ’em Kristin Rolla, the Rude American, sent ya!

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