Tomorrow’s trends today

Ever since I decided to pursue this French excursion, I begged my friend Jeannie Lee, owner of the insane LA-based boutique Satine, to let me be her “intern” during Paris Fashion Week and she was all too happy to oblige.

Day 2 in Paris and off I went with her to walk the Tranoi tradeshow, home to some of the hipper and emerging lines that her store is known for introducing to the U.S.  And should I get a job in time for the arrival of the Spring/Summer ’12 collections, I got a sneak peek in what I might be wearing next year in a bit of personal shopping taken to the next level!  Given there were hundreds of vendors to browse, I was truly impressed by Jeannie’s ability to negotiate all that was offered and select the very best for her loyal customers.   Be on the lookout for Tatoosh loafers, the luxe beachy-boho vibe of Roseanna and Sarah Sumfleth, crisp, tailored jackets from Smythe, and some amazing digitally printed silk frocks from the brand new London-based Chorux.

Reptile skins and architectural heels are still a prominent trend, and no place were they better showcased than at the grande dame of French fashion houses Balenciaga.  I almost skipped out on this appointment to head home when I thought “when am I ever going to see the inside of Balenciaga showroom ever again?” – as if this was a lifelong dream of mine!  But off I went, again as Jeannie’s intern, to see how the big boys do it.

First, they offer coffee, water, a cheese plate, whatever it takes to get the buyer comfortable with the thousands of dollars in orders she is about to write.  As an intern, you really appreciate any perks you get, so I was happy to accept many on behalf of Satine (thanks for the perfume sample, but no champagne?)  As if the experience was not surreal enough, every once in a while an impossibly waifish model stomped through the showroom in look straight from the runway.

But best of all, I got to see, before even Vogue subscribers, everything I didn’t know I wanted, including these weird beauties, which put the “arch” in architectural!

Given that I picked out my entire wardrobe for next spring, I’m cleaning up my resume as we speak!

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