Chez Rolla

Bonjour from Paris – finally!  I’ve been busy setting up house in my tiny slice of the 7th arrondissement, and what a perfect little slice it is!  Yes, my pad is quite petite, but it’s also tres adorablé!  I am actually looking forward to transitioning from vacation mode to a more regular routine, which includes cooking a meal or two in my very own kitchen (and avoiding bread for the next few days!)

First thing this morning I strolled to the Marché Raspail, a famous organic green market, and stocked up on food stuffs, including lots and lots of lettuce, sorely missing from my diet as of late.  To get a sense of where I’m situated, I’m between Boulevard Saint Germaine and the Seine, just bordering the 6th and 7th.  Those of you who have traveled with me to Paris know I love Hotel Lenox, on rue Université, and 31 rue de Beaune is literally two blocks away, making the best champagne cocktail on the Left Bank all too convenient,

Additional nearby landmarks include the famous taxidermy shop Deyrolle, which has the distinction of being known as the strangest shop in all of Paris but was almost completely wiped out by a fire in 2008.  Most of the collection remains intact, including some new little friends I met on this morning’s walk:

Along my path I was please to discover that street art is alive and well in Paris, as represented by this cutie:

But pretty much the best sight in the entire neighborhood lays within my own shelter…I get to look at this everyday and remind myself, I’m not in Los Angeles anymore!

One thought on “Chez Rolla

  1. Looks like I nice slice of Paris. Keep us posted on the great meals you will be making. I wish we had those fresh markets that are open everyday. Enjoy! Oh yeah the view is OK, LOL!

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