This ‘n that

In my Biennale post, I completely forgot to mention my favorite piece of all, Christian Marclay’s The Clock, because, quite frankly, it’s impossible to describe.

However, I just found this clip from the BBC that sums it up fairly well. Essentially, the Biennale Gold Lion winner is a film, running exactly 24 hours, that patches together clips from old films, including time references that match the exact minute of the actual day in real time. At first I didn’t realize what was happening – it’s a mash-up, I recognize a lot of the films, lots of scenes with clocks and watches, seems to be an actual plot forming – then I realized that as the film showed a series of clocks set at 1:52, it felt a lot like 1:52, and it was! I watched for about an hour and was completely mesmerized, and awed by the sheer number of clock/time scenes (many with the same time!) in film in general. If I ever get the chance to see it again, I will most certainly will bring a sleeping bag and stay for the entire piece! New Yorkers, you may be able to view it sooner than later as MoMA just announced it has acquired the work.

In other random news, the last outing of my visit with Uncle Phil and Rosella was the opening of a flower show at Villa d’Erbe on Lake Como (next to the famous Villa d’Este resort.). A flower show? Very un-Rolla-like, I know, but it was hosted by Phil’s friend and we thought it would be a hoot to look at pretty people look at pretty flowers. Assuming Como’s fanciest would be there, I cleaned up a bit and assembled a look that included my Missoni for Target heels and tights.

Within 5 minutes of arriving, Rosella pointed out that the matriarch of the fashion house, Rosita Missoni, was there. Half-stoked, half-horrified (I’m wearing cheap Missoni!) the situation got even weirder when we spotted Angela Missoni, head designer and the architect of the Target deal. Subsequently, we ran into Angela’s boyfriend, Bruno Ragazzi, an old friend of Phil’s, who pointed out my ensemble. Bruno was thrilled (he was in New York during the first hysterical days of the collection’s debut) who assured me Angela would be too, and promised to introduce me after the awards presentation. And so I readied my camera and waited patiently for the latest addition to Rolla’s Hall of Fame (how great would this pic look next to Mario Batali?) However, after an hour of ceremonial addresses and air-kisses, we were all pretty much over the party and famished. Unable to find Bruno for our last chance at a brush with greatness, we called it a night and the photo op was not meant to be.

All is not lost though – today I move on to Paris and an entirely new adventure, chapter and blog category begins. Maybe I will run into Karl Lagerfeld again?


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